Ornamental decorative steel components

Ornamental decorative steel components
Ornamental decorative steel components

Hot Formed Decorative Steel Components range ornamentals manufactured in UAE sourced to the world from UAEiron Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. An innovative Decorative Steel Components range production tradition in the United Arab Emirates, local Ornamental Steel Components live on through UAEiron’s German trained blacksmiths at Sharjah

Wrought iron:

UAEiron is the most reliable and advanced supplier to the decorative steels industry. UAEiron Metal Works serves the fabricators with the highest quality ornamental components at honest  prices. Our steel forged components are used in more ornamental iron applications than others in the United Arab Emirates.

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  UAE Wrought Iron Works SHARJAH, is the world leader in manufacture of wrought iron fabrications and stainless steel ornamental art metal elements Image courtesy : UAE Iron at Facebook.com
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